5 Ways To Power Up Your Casual Relationships

Woman Looking For Sex

A casual relationship is supposed to be all fun and games. But sometimes, those games start to get a little boring and they no longer seem like any fun. You may even start considering getting yourself a new partner. But, before you throw away something that was once good, try making it fun again. We’ve got some tips to try and help you bright fire back to the dying flame. You may not feel like doing all, or any, of these things. Some of them might go against the boundaries set in your arrangement. But sometimes it’s fun to break the rules a little.

Before you get a new partner, try getting a new object! This can be almost anything. Try buying a new toy to play with, or change up the flavor of lubricant you use. Try a new position, or get a sexy new outfit to wear. Get a new DVD to watch together, or look things up on the internet. There are so many options you can feel free to play around with. You could even take your partner to the adult store and both of you can pick something out. Whatever you decide to try, you want to keep your interest in each other.

Allow yourself the freedom to explore new places. If you and your partner has a routine, such as time and place, change it up. Pick a new, random day of the week. Pick a crazy time frame. Or an even crazier location. Go somewhere new. If you’re typically interacting in the bedroom, try a different room in the house. Or, try a different house. Try a different location entirely, like a car or a movie theater. Maybe you can even hook up at the park. As long as you don’t get caught, you can have some real fun playing with new locations. Plus, the chance of getting caught can be thrilling.

Try going taking the new location to a new level. Take your partner on a spontaneous vacation. Escape the stresses of your every day life. You don’t have to leave the city or fly somewhere exotic to do this. You can just rent a hotel room and spend the whole day behind closed doors and under the sheets. Whatever works for the two of you. It’s easy to spark a flame in a stress-free environment. Order room service and don’t get out of bed.

Maybe try adding another person. It can really spice up your life to throw someone else into the mix. You’re going to want it to be someone you both trust. Someone you’re both comfortable with. But more importantly, someone who turns both of you on and excites you in new ways. Just the idea of having someone else join might work for you too. Of course, there are some people who aren’t comfortable with having a more adventurous sex life.

If you want to keep things more casual, try sexy text messages. Yes, sexting is a great option to add just the right amount of adventure. If you’re comfortable with it, try sending some sexy and provocative pictures. If you’re not comfortable using images, use the power of text imagery. Describe sexy situations and tell your partner sexy things. This isn’t romantic. It’s purely animal attraction.

If you still feel like there’s no flame after you’ve tried a variety of new and exciting things, maybe it is time to find someone new. But definitely give your casual relationship the chance to step it up first.