Five Best Practices for Sexual Encounters

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When an individual is sexually active for a decent amount of time, they begin to understand the ends and outs of a sexual encounter. They also learn practices that make the experience more and less pleasant. The interaction between two human bodies can be extremely beautiful, but sometimes it can be repulsive. With the exchange of sweat and other bodily fluids, the act alone causes question towards hygiene and cleanliness. One small slip up could make an encounter less pleasurable and that can be detrimental to the entire experience. It’s easy to combat this when you’ve picked up a few tips and tricks of the trade. These following items are the three best practices for a sexual encounter.

1. Groom Yourself

Preparation may kill spontaneity, but nothings worse than feeling unprepared while you’re in such a vulnerable position. If you plan on having a sexual interaction later, make sure to shower and groom yourself properly. Make sure that you don’t have bad breath and groom your body hair; allow yourself the opportunity not to be self-conscious about a few stray hairs.

2. No Cigarettes Or Alcohol

Try not to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol at least 24 hours before a planned interaction, because the body will release the toxins into your bodily fluids, which can make certain practices (like oral sex) unpleasant. Citrus and water-based fruits like pineapples, strawberries, or watermelon, can actually produce the opposite effect.

3. Sanitation Wipes

It’s important to bring sanitation wipes to any sexual encounter. They’re small, compact, easy to hide, and they are complete life savers when you’re in a bind. The aftermath of a sexual encounter can make an individual feel unhygienic and unclean, so these wipes really come in handy. As a woman, it’s important to use only feminine friendly sanitation whips, as to not upset the delicate balance.

4. Urinate After Sex

It sounds gross, but it’s crucial to sexual health! Doctors recommend that both men and women urinate after they engage in any type of sexual activity. Doing so can reduce the chances of foreign bacteria entering the urethra and causing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Urinating after sex especially helps men clear out any leftover sperm that’s caught in the urinary tract, which can cause unwanted pregnancies.

5. Always Have A Way To Get Home

The worse mistake that you can make is relying on your partner to transport you from location to location. Being dependent for a ride really makes things uncomfortable if the encounter doesn’t go as well as planned. If your partner makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you need to be able to remove yourself from that situation without a risk of danger, so make preparations beforehand.

These tips are revolutionary and can genuinely improve the sexual experience by a serious degree. Take these secrets and use them to your advantage in your next sexual encounter.
Remember the five best practices for a sexual encounter: groom yourself beforehand, don’t smoke or drink, always bring sanitation wipes, always urinate after sex, and always make sure that you have a ride home.