Winning Tactics For Casual Sex Dating

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If you think that all you need to do is make arrangements for casual sex, then you need to keep reading.

While casual sex dating sounds easy enough, there’s still some preparation that has to go into making that first date. You don’t want to make arrangements that are going to ruin your chances of a happy ending. You don’t want to come across as cheap, rude, or creepy. Any of those adjectives is likely to lessen your chances of getting more than a goodnight kiss. Even if you’re both looking for a casual night, there are great ways to ruin the outcome. There are also great ways to concrete your late-night plans. So, let’s talk about some of the things you can do to make sure your date is going to go the way you plan.

The first thing you want to keep in mind is that inviting someone to your place is never going to make a good impression for a first date. It doesn’t matter and it’s unavoidable. You’re going to come across as creepy if the two of you haven’t met each other yet. If you already know each other, it’s probably safe to invite your date over for the night. But don’t assume, either. A great idea is to ask your date where they would like to go first. That alludes to the fact that you have plans to end up back at your place, or theirs. It also gives them the comfort of knowing it won’t start to personally, that there will be a lead up.

For that lead up, there are some places you’re going to want to avoid. For instance, anywhere that’s overly loud. A nightclub with a booming base, or the movie theatre with the loud surround sound are two examples of bad first dates. You can’t yell over the noise, but you want to get to know more about your date. Even if it’s just questions that will give you an idea of what your date likes. You want to go somewhere more intimate, where you can ask these questions you might have. Dinner is a good idea, if you have a large wallet and expendable cash. Unfortunately, your date could change their mind, leaving you out of pocket. A nice restaurant might also have a more romantic undertone than what you’re hoping to convey. That’s another thing to consider when setting the mood for your first date.

The best place you can take your date is a quiet lounge, for a couple drinks. Or a quiet cafe. A nice place where you can really talk and get to know each other. Somewhere that doesn’t feel too romantic, but still sets the mood for the course of your evening. Don’t go somewhere that feels like a dive. Your date won’t be impressed and there’s a good chance the night won’t go the way you planned. You want somewhere nice. You also want to look and smell nice. You can’t expect to impress your date by showing up in dirty clothes with a funky smell. Even if you both know the intent is to end up undressed anyway, put some effort into it.

That’s really the best advice you can take. The winning tactics for casual sex are: Put effort into it & lead up. Whether it’s the way you look, where you go, or what you say. Be enticing, be sexy and alluring. The whole date is foreplay to your casual encounter.